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VideoSpace is the industry standard disk space calculator for Final Cut Pro editors, now available online for desktop browsers and iPhone/iPod Touch

Time to Space Calculation

Select the desired codec, frame rate and audio settings then click in the left input box and type a duration of up to 999h59m59s. It is not necessary to enter leading zeros or colon separators, although VideoSpace won't complain if you do.

For example, to enter 1h05m20s just type 10520 and press return or enter.

The disk space required will be calculated and displayed in the right hand box. VideoSpace will automatically choose the most suitable units (Megabyte, Gigabyte or Terrabyte) according to the size of the file. You can also change the units manually and VideoSpace will display the updated result. At any time you can change the settings for codec or frame rate and the result will be updated automatically.

Space to Time Calculation

Select the desired codec, frame rate, units and audio settings then click in the right input box and type a file size. When you press Return or Enter the time is calculated and displayed in the left hand box. The arrow will point left to indicate that VideoSpace is doing a space to time conversion.

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